UAV Basic Flight Instruction

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The objective of this training course is to present the basics of flying a drone, including flight controls, take off and landing techniques, factors affecting flight, as well as safety procedures. On completion of this training the student will understand the basics of flight, a correct approach to flying a drone, as well as the elements involved in mission planning and post-flight procedures.

(The live/on-site version of this course includes individual flight simulator practice for selected participants)

On completion of this course you will have learned about:

  • Standard UAS Flight controls
  • Conditions Affecting Take Off and Landing
  • Ground Effects and Vortex Ring Effect
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) and Manual Control
  • Standard Flight Patterns

This course includes the following subjects:

  • Manual and GPS control
  • Emergency Response
  • Visual Orientation
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Checklists
  • Logging

Section Titles:
1 – Introduction
2 – Factors of Flight
3 – Flight Controls
4 – Launch Operations

Course length: 129 minutes.

Section 1IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 1Free Preview

Section 2Factors of Flight
Lecture 1
Section 3Flight Controls
Lecture 1
Section 4Launch Operations
Lecture 1
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