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      User AvatarTim Trott

      Now that you’ve had a chance to try the new software, we are looking for comments and suggestions.

      For example:

      •Was there enough time for quiz or test?
      •Did you find a mistake or error?
      •Unable to retake quiz or test?
      •Incorrect answer in quiz or test?
      •Problem with a figure or diagram?
      •Other issues?

      Or on the more positive side….
      •What I like best is ____________________

      If you need to generate a certificate or encounter a serious problem, let us know the details in the CONTACT-US form.

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      Great Course

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      User AvatarTim Trott

      It would be great if you could go to your Profile- click on the course and select “Review” and give it some nice stars also!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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