LEO Response to Drone Complaints
August 23, 2016 No Comments Drone Training Tim Trott

Drones are in the news and some of the news includes drones causing injuries and accidents that are handled by local law enforcement. The FAA is working with local law enforcement agencies to develop policies and procedures to photodune-5887053-3d-police-with-a-blank-poster-ldeal with drone complaints. The Drone Professor training explores the balance between federal law and local law enforcement in the new online course “LEO Response to Drone Complaints”.
FD:E certified instructor, Tim Trott, has a strong background with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, having received one of the first 400 FAA Section 333 Exemptions, back in May of 2015. There are now several thousand such exemptions for his Southern Helicam aerial video company.  Mr. Trott is also the author of a study guide for the new Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification exam, UAS Operations Study Guide on Amazon.com as well as the video training version featured here on The Drone Professor web site and at UDEMY.com. His first e-book “Droner’s guide” is also selling well on Amazon.com, ranking #15 in its category.

This new course follows the 107 Study Guide training course as well as the free “Introduction To Drones” video, tracing the history of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from the 1918 to the present.

A number of additional “drone” courses for law enforcement will be released in the coming weeks, including Mission Planning, UAS Maintenance, Safety Operations, Applications in Public Safety, Flight Instruction and filing for a COA.

All of these courses are available for on-site, live instruction.

About The Author
Tim Trott Tim Trott is an FDLE certified instructor (#329775), and Certified Remote Pilot. and also passed the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction and Ground School exam and was granted one of the first 400 Section 333 Exemptions. As a writer, Tim has several books and e-books on Amazon.com, including FAA 107 UAG Remote Pilot Study Guide, The Droner's Guide (#15 in its category) and Out of the Blue - The Life and Legend of Kirby 'Sky King' Grant. Many of these courses are available for on-site training through TrainingForceUSA.com. Tim Trott has conducted training courses in Boston, Mass., Texas City and Wichita Falls, Texas, as well as Broward College in Ft. Lauderdale, Valencia Community College in Orlando, Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee, and Gulf Coast Public Service Academy in Panama City, Florida. Between online and on-site training, Tim Trot has trained close to 1,000 students in various aspects of small Umanned Aircraft Systems operation.