New training courses added: UAS Safety Operations, RPC Recurrent Test Prep coming 6/18

New training courses added: UAS Safety Operations, RPC Recurrent Test Prep coming 6/18
September 17, 2017 Comments Off on New training courses added: UAS Safety Operations, RPC Recurrent Test Prep coming 6/18 FAA,Instructor's Corner,New Courses,Training Events Tim Trott

The Drone Professor has added a new courses to the lineup with more on the way…:

Our UAS Safety Operations course is presented in two parts. The objective of this presentation is to provide an understanding of basic operation, safety considerations related to small unmanned aerial vehicle (sUAS) through objective visual examples (photos) along with text references (procedures) and resources (handouts). Of note, is the FAA InFO17018 bulletin recommending reflective safety vests for drone operators, visual observers and other crew members.

Coming in June, 2018: RPC Recurrent Knowledge Test Preparation


For those who have passed the FAA RPC drone license exam, testing will begin next August for the two year required recurrent testing for renewal. You’ll be happy to know, the Drone Professor has you covered, with a course already developed to cover the 7 items required under 14 CFR Part 107.73. That course will be made available on this web site starting June 1, 2018. This is a brand new course, expanded from the original Remote Pilot Ground School material to include current changes in the rules. Be sure to watch for that next year and let your friends know about it. Be sure to sign up early when it is available.

We will continue updating existing training videos and adding new courses, including an introduction to the new LAANC waiver system for drone operation in restricted areas in class B, C and D airspace. .

The Drone Professor is also conducting live classes around the country. Be sure to check the information on the bottom of the page for news of upcoming events, or contact us about classes at your location. Classes are aimed primarily at law enforcement/public safety or real estate applications of unmanned aerial systems. See the Contact Us to let us know how we can help you.

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Tim Trott Tim Trott is an FDLE certified instructor (#329775), and Certified Remote Pilot. and also passed the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction and Ground School exam and was granted one of the first 400 Section 333 Exemptions. As a writer, Tim has several books and e-books on, including FAA 107 UAG Remote Pilot Study Guide, The Droner's Guide (#15 in its category) and Out of the Blue - The Life and Legend of Kirby 'Sky King' Grant. Many of these courses are available for on-site training through Tim Trott has conducted training courses in Boston, Mass., Texas City and Wichita Falls, Texas, as well as Broward College in Ft. Lauderdale, Valencia Community College in Orlando, Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee, and Gulf Coast Public Service Academy in Panama City, Florida. Between online and on-site training, Tim Trot has trained close to 1,000 students in various aspects of small Umanned Aircraft Systems operation.