Night Ops Changes for UAG/UGR

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Night Ops Changes for UAG/UGR
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Night Operations is being added to the FAA certification for UGR and UAG.  We have completed updates of our video courses and textbook to reflect the changes in Night Operations and Operations Over People.

Dates for Remote ID and other changes
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….Delayed to April 6 and April 21 The March 1,2021 effective date for the amendments to §§ 107.61, 107.63, 107.65, 107.73, and 107.74 in the final rule published at 86 FR 4314 (January 15, 2021), which was delayed at 86 FR11623 (February 26, 2021), is further delayed to April 6, 2021. The March 16, 2021

FAA Drone Remote ID Challenged
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RaceDayQuads LLC v. FAA (Lawsuit Challenging Drone Remote Identification Regulations) filed by several attorneys, including Jon Rupprecht. RaceDayQuads Owner and CEO, Tyler Brennan (Orlando) points out that the FAA deleted model aircraft language that had existed in Part 101.