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FAA moves from PLT to ACS (Airman Certification Standards) for test reports
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The FAA is finally making the expected transition from the old PLT codes (Pilot Test Standards or AKTR) to the more detailed ACS (Airman Certification Standards) report codes.  The FAA will be holding a webinar on November 18th to announce the change.   Sign up for the webinar can be found at FAA.Safety.Gov (Wings) The webinar

Recurrent Exam Prep course revised, updated, new videos.
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The UGR FAA Recurrent Remote Pilot Exam Preparation course has been updated and expanded with new material and all new video recordings, just in time to prepare for your certification renewal. Don’t forget the newest edition of the UGR Study Guide, available from Barns & Noble for just $10.95 – New larger 8 x 10 format. The