Tim Trott has enjoyed a varied career in broadcasting and small businesses of various kinds, including a successful burglar and fire alarm company before becoming interested in “drones” or small unmanned aerial vehicles and the possibilities for his video production business.

After purchasing an early DJI Phantom quad-copter in November of 2013, Tim began an online blog which turned into an e-book which grew into a series of training and video courses designed for commercial drone pilots and public safety agencies.

Tim Trott first passed the FAA’s Sport Pilot ground school and then the Fundamentals of Instruction before successfully completing Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Instructor Certification training at Pat Thomas Law Enforcement/TCC in Tallahassee under instructor Thomas Gleason. Mr. Trott received FAA approval for one of the first 400 grants for exemption (#11636) under section #333.. And, just for good measure, he became the 16th person to pass exam for North Carolina’s quasi-official “Commercial Operator Permit” online exam, and then passed the Part §107 Remote Pilot exam in the first hour it was offered on August 29, 2016 and was issued a Remote Pilot Certification.

Tim Trott attended St. Petersburg College studying Broadcasting in the late 60’s while working in local television and radio, and then spent some time in the US Navy Reserve. He went on to a varied career that included broadcasting, low voltage contracting, web hosting and design, along with writing and teaching.

Tim has been married to his “high school sweetheart” since 1968. They have one daughter, who once worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for Special Needs students in Seminole County. Tim’s aunt was a teacher and a principal in Michigan Public Schools, his mother was a music and elementary teacher and his dad taught at Columbia while studying there. With so many family members involved in education, Tim finally realized at a late age that he really enjoys teaching. And writing….