The Drone Professor’s online video class helps students

You want to fly your drone commercially. YOU CAN, by passing the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certification test. And the Drone Professor’s video courses can help you get there.

The Drone Professor’s students are passing the FAA exam:

“Great News! I took the test and got a 92. I have been telling all to use your course. It is under priced and worth 5 times the cost. Best deal on the market. Coupled with your e-book it is a shoe-in for a pass. Thanks!!!” (Gary)

I passed the part 107 test on August 30 with a score of 88. Thanks again for a great course!” (Patrick)

“…just watched your course twice and scored an 88% on the test. I’ve taken many aviation related courses and seminars, your was presented professionally and had a good cadence.” (Grant)

“Comparable courses I’ve seen are running in the $200-$400 range, making your course a tremendous bargain.” (Pat)

“I passed the FAA remote airman’s certification on the first try. Honestly I felt like I was over prepared. …Thanks so much for making [this course] available.” (Gary)

“I feel very confident that this course will set the appropriate foundation for my Part 107 testing”(Richard)

“I just finished your ground school course for small UAV’s. I thought the course well done. All good stuff. Thanks for your dedication to the industry!!” (Tim)

“Your course is 90% of the way there, which is pretty incredible since you had to develop it before the FAA even developed the test. Thanks again.” (Peter)

“Thanks Tim!!! With this course and your ebook on Amazon, I passed the test this afternoon.” (John)

“Thank you for providing this training. The sheer bulk of information is staggering.” (Tom)

  • FAA has said that preparation for the Part §107 exam should take 20 hours of study. Using this video course and reviewing the study and reference materials this video course can provide the basic framework and resources you need to complete that preparation in half that time, and pass the test. This compact but easy-to-follow online video course is accompanied by download resource materials for your review and study.
  • This course is designed for first time pilots or those converting from a Section 333 Exemption to operation under Part §107. For the future commercial remote pilot, this training course represents a very good value for the small investment, or as one of our students put it “a tremendous bargain”.
  • Part §107 spells out the requirement for initial and periodic recurrent (24 month) testing for Remote Pilot Certification (RPC). Special attention is given to areas known to appear on the FAA exam, like charts and weather. This course material is based on the most recent test standards published by the FAA in FAA-S-ACS-10 – and includes the listed resources for extended study. The FAA’s sample test is also provided. Every effort has been made to provide correct information, and the course material is continually revised and updated in an effort to stay current with changes and adjustments from the FAA. References and sources are cited within the training material.
  • While this course is in no way represented as an “official” FAA training course, the materials presented include all twelve areas listed in §107.73 and as specified in the Airman Specification Standards for Remote Pilot, with a sample test to measure the student’s understanding of the materials presented.

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