12-FAA Part 107 RPC Exam Preparation Study

12 Syllabus FAA Part §107 RPC Exam Preparation

Course Resources:

Recommended references:

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AC_107-2A ( Advisory Circular)  Updated 2/21
Chart Figure 26 (Class Reference)
8080_UAG   (Testing booklet – Large file download Direct from FAA or purchase above)
Part 107 Summary (“Cliff’s Notes”)
PILOT VISION (Night Operations)
New Sample Questions (Rev 3/21/21)
Airspace-At-A-Glance (AOPA)

Recommended Reading:

021515 sUAS Summery
14CFR107 Major Provisions
150_5200 Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes
8083-25 Chap 16A
AC 00-6B Aviation Weather
AC120-51e Crew Resource Management
AC-60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
Airspace Classes
Alcohol and Flying
Appendix A Emergency Procedures
ASOS Book Guide for Pilots
AUM-TOC ASOS in detail
Battery Record NLPUB
Battery Record P3PUB
Blanket COA (7711-1) 4-11-17
CFR 2012 Title 14 Vol 2 Part 71
Chart User’s Guide Updated 11/17
Cloud Types
Cloud Chart
FAA-h-8083-1 Weight and Balance
FAA-h-8083-2 Risk Management Handbook
How to Update Firmware (DJI)
Landing Pattern text
Log Record for Drones (Zip – XLS)
LMK Icing
METAR Decode Key
METAR Decoder Graphic
Moving Obstacle
N_JO_7210 889 UA Ops UAS in the NAS
PHAK Chapter 9 Weight Balance
PHAK Chapter 11 Weather Theory
PHAK Chapter 13– Weather Services
PHAK Chapter 15 Navigation
PHAK FAA links
Phonetic Radio/Military Alphabet
Pilot Handbook (54 mb file)
Preflight Inspection Checklist
Radio Terms
SAFO 09013 Lithium Battery Fires
SAFO 100015 Flying in the Wire Environment
SAFO10017 Transporting Lithium Batteries in Cargo
Waiver Authorizatin Information
Waiver Instructions
Weather Decision-Making

Video Resources:

How to read a VFR Sectional Chart | Basic Chart/Map Knowledge FLY8MA.com Flight Training (YouTube)
Filing for a 107 Waiver | MDP-AIR(YouTube) 28 minutes

Test Prep Resources:

Practice Questions (FAA): uag_questions
12-UAG_107_Exam A <– Reference the charts in the FAA Test Supplement publication (below) or purchase.
Remote Pilot Study Guide (FAA-G-8082-22) UPDATED
FAA-CT-8080-2H Test Supplement (107 mb file)

RupprechtLaw FAA Sample Test Review

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