Understanding LAANC for Drones

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Source: FAA_Order_8040.6


This overview will provide the student with an introduction to the LAANC system.

LAANC (pronounced “Lance”) provides drone operators with a streamlined solution to enable real time automated notification and authorization for flying in restricted airspace. The system can reduce approval time from up to 90 days down to almost instant. LAANC also provides a means for drone hobbyists to receive approval to fly within five miles of an airport, which was a requirement expressed by Congress in 2012 FAA re-authorization legislation.

Note to HOBBY/RECREATIONAL Drone Operators:

If you’re a recreational remote pilot you have two options for flying your sUAS in controlled airspace…

    1. You receive an airspace authorization for operations in controlled airspace through LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability), before you fly.
    2. You are flying at a recreational flyer fixed site that has a written agreement with the FAA. The FAA has posted a list of approved sites (MS Excel) and has depicted them as blue dots on a map. Each fixed site is limited to the altitude shown on this map, which varies by location

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Course length: 16 mins
Prerequisites: None
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More information is available on the FAA web site.

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Section 1Introduction to LAANC
Lecture 1Understanding LAANC for sUAS (Drones)
Lecture 2Additional information and resources
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