Establishing a Drone Policy for Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Here is a resource reference for departments wishing to set up a drone policy:

Here is a reference to a sample drone policy for a law enforcement or public safety agency:

  • Title: Drone Response Playbook For Public Safety
  • Source:
  • Description: This playbook is a resource for public safety officials who conduct investigations into drone operations. It provides guidance and considerations for developing a drone policy for law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Additionally, here are some other resources that may be helpful in developing a drone policy:

  • Title: Writing Your Police Departments Drone Policy
  • Source: PowerDMS
  • Description: This article provides guidance on things to consider before writing a policy, how to write a policy, and includes a sample policy for law enforcement agencies.
  • Title: A Report on the Use of Drones by Public Safety Agencies
  • Source:
  • Description: This report discusses the policy and operational considerations of police agencies using drones to advance public safety.

Please note that these resources are provided as references and it is important to consult with legal and regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Courtesy of The Drone Professor