“Help! My Drone License Expired!”

“My drone License expired and I can’t take the renewal test!”

A student, Michael, called concerned that his §107 UAG license was past expiration, and because of the CORVID-19 he couldn’t take the recurrent exam. He was worried that he would have to take the original exam all over again.

First, any FAA license does not “Expire”. It may not be “current” which means you can’t fly, but it’s still a valid license.

There are lots of pilots who may not be current because they have not maintained current license status, but as soon as they take the required check-ride, or as in the case of drone operators, take and pass the recurrent test, they license is again CURRENT and valid to fly.

One thing that might “expire” is a Gleim training course, but NOT ours. Once you pay for an online course here from the Drone Professor,you can take the class again years later.When you take the recurrent test the FAA figures that you’ve been flying for a while so you should no more. While the recurrent exam only covers 7 of the original 12 tares of study you had for the initial test, they figure you know more, so the questions may be a little harder. That’s why we created the Recurrent Remote Pilot exam study course.

You can check on exam locations status and exam scheduling at the new PRI web site:

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