How to update your FAA 107 eBook

We are constantly updating and revising the FAA 107 textbook as the rules change. If you purchased the eBook version in the past, you will need to download the new version. The current revision is nubmer 25 dated February 22, 2022 (shown in the Copyright Notice page).

Here is how to do it:

When you purchase a Kindle book, it’s delivered to your default device or Kindle app. You can also deliver content from Manage Your Content and Devices to your device or Kindle app.

From your computer (

1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
2. Select to deliver the title.
3. Select the device or Kindle app to deliver the content to.
4. Select Deliver for that device or any devices where it has been downloaded.

Be sure the destination device is turned on and connected online. After allowing enough time for the new version to be delivered, you should see the current edition of the book.

In some cases you may need to “remove download” and then select “download”. Be careful NOT to delete the e-book from your device (phone, tablet, computer or Kindle e-Reader) or you will have to purchase it again.

In your Manager page you should see “update available” when there is a new revision available. If it does not appear in your Kindle app or other device, contact Amazon KDP Support and request a “Force-update”.

ALTERNATIVE: Click and hold on the book in the Kindle app, then select “remove download”. Wait a minute or two and then select “download” and you should see the current revision.

If you have any problems, let me know (Contact) so I can offer solutions.