New DJI controller with display presented at CES 2019

DJI has released their new smart controller with a built-in screen for their Mavic family of drones. As you probably already know, drone live streams are more popular than ever, and DJI is always trying to bring better products to their existing and future customers. The new smart controller features a built-in a 5.5 inch 1080p extra-bright display, making it possible to view your aerial footage and control the drone in direct sunlight. On top of that the remote controller boasts an 8-kilometer (4.97-mile) range.

The only downside noted by experts is the non-removable battery that takes 2 hours to fully change. So even though the controller promises to last 2.5 hours on full charge, the pilot would have to either wait 2 hours after that to recharge, or buy an extra controller.

Be sure to check out a the promo clip, it’s a pure adrenaline injection

(Source: Epiphan blog)