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VR 360 for Training – Course Update
Training Events Tim Trott

The video for our VR 360 training course has been revised and updated and additional resources have been added. This course should be of specific interest to instructors and teachers interested utilizing this emerging technology.

FAA – Alternative to Biannual Testing under consideration.
FAA,Instructor's Corner Tim Trott

At a meeting in Tallahassee, Florida recently a representative from the sUAS Educational Outreach POC indicated the FAA is considering an alternative to the biannual testing for Remote Pilot Certification renewals. Under the plan described, remote pilots would could choose training classes in lieu of the testing. Whether the credit classes would be offered online,

Revisions to Weather Part 1 and the last section
Instructor's Corner,Training Events Tim Trott

I just revised Part 1 of the Weather video (5 pm 3/10/17) to include more instruction on METAR/TAF and weather maps, defining VFR, in response to student feedback and reported changes in the FAA exam.  Be sure to watch that video again before you go for your FAA exam. Let me know if you think I