Very informative and easy to listen too. Not your typical watch and learn.

Eric Hammond

I found this course particularly helpful because it provided a good guide on exactly what topics one needs to study for the exam. The FAA’s links to what it considers relevant materials amount to hundreds of pages of reading, which was overwhelming. This course showed me what I needed to know and where I could find it in the supplementary materials, in addition to containing a lot of the information in its own right. I passed the exam with a 90% on the first try. I also enjoyed the instructor’s narration. The sound quality is good and the tone is very professional.

Paul Baker

I just took my exam and it took me only 1 hour to pass it with an 88%! This course was very well rounded and covered everything I saw on this test. I am so glad I found this course, and so glad I didn’t spend $300 for the course that a Drone Pilot friend said I needed to pass this test! Tim Trott was VERY responsive to any questions I had, and he really went out of his way to be helpful. On top of that he gave me lots of encouragement – which I needed! I will tell all my wannabee Drone Pilot friends about this course. See you in 2 years!

Janel Jorda

I really appreciated Mr. Trott’s comprehensiveness and that he made sure I knew where to get the complete reading for the course material presented. I will definitely review the course before taking the test just to make sure I have all of the details in mind.

Chris Baetens

Information is covered very well. The instructor doesn’t just cover the exam the the whole process of getting licensed. I passed my exam on my first try.

Sergio Sanchez

Lots of great information, and very professionally produced. Training was very helpful. I just passed my FAA Part 107 exam with a 95% grade!

Chris Kelleher