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107 UAG Course Errors Corrected
Image Drone Training Tim Trott

We were notified of some publication errors in the UAG 107 course and those issues have been corrected. Any time you encounter an error, please notify us through the Contact Us, indicating the kind of error and where it occurred and it will be corrected immediately.

AIRMAP suspended from LAANC
Image FAA,LAANC Tim Trott

AIRMAP has been suspended from providing LAANC approval services through the FAA. The company hints that they will return to LAANC after solving some internal problems. The remaining free alternative is provided by ALOFT. ALOFT is also the provider for the FAA’s B4YouFLY.

Coursemarks Rates The Drone Professor’s FAA 107 course at 9.7 out of 10
Image Course Operations,Drone Training,FAA 107 UAG Drone Pilot Study Guide Tim Trott

Coursemarks ( recently revised their rating for our FAA 107 training course in response to updates in the training material. The Drone Professor’s course stacks up very well against the competition, some of which take up to 14 hours to cover the same material.  Our students can take what we provide and spend their own