LEO Response to Drone Complaints

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UAS (or Drone) operations can be expected to play and increasing role in the future of law enforcement and public safety, as well as presenting a new facet to law enforcement response.These lessons focus on the preparation for response to drone complaints and incidents involving unmanned aircraft. What is the role of local law enforcement? What can you do, what can’t you do? What can you expect? What are the legal and jurisdictional issues? Where do we draw the line? What is the FAA’s roll in local incidents involving “drones”?

Also note AC 91-57B Exception for Limited Recreational Operations of Unmanned Aircraft


This course incorporates FAA Advisory Circulars, rules and resources designed to assist local law enforcement with response and investigation of incidents, accidents and complaints relating to unmanned aircraft.

The course is designed to aid the field officer with background knowledge of applicable rules and regulations and the appropriate actions necessary to provide the FAA and NTSB with relevant information for those agencies to conduct further investigation where warranted and to pursue any indicated prosecution on the Federal level, including fines and license forfeiture where indicated.

  • Public employees seeking to earn training credit may submit the syllabus to their training officer for approval.
  • Sources and references for this training course include:Course Resources HERE

Total Course length: 50 minutes plus the final exam.

Section 1Defining the Boundaries
Lecture 1Defining the Boundaries
Section 2The Role of Law Enforcement
Lecture 1Law Enforcement Response
Section 3Drone Restrictions
Lecture 1Drone Restrictions
Section 4Classifications of Small Unmanned Aircraft
Lecture 1Classifications
Section 5Partnering with the FAA
Lecture 1Enforcement Action
Section 6Review
Lecture 1Review
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