Lake County man arrested after shooting down sheriff’s drone
July 13, 2021 Comments Off on Lake County man arrested after shooting down sheriff’s drone Public Safety Tim Trott

(Source: WFTV Channel 9 Orlando. Read more Credit also to FlipBoard)

Deputies were called to 2405 Britt Road in Mount Dora on Sunday to investigate a possible burglary. After clearing the building, deputies deployed a drone to clear the rest of the property. That’s when deputies said they heard two shots ring out to the south of their location.  Deputies said Goney admitted to firing the shot and stated that he thought the drone was trying to harass him.

Goney, according to deputies, stepped outside and fired two shots with a .22 cailber rifle. Goney told deputies he returned the rifle to his residence when he saw the drone falling to the ground. Deputies placed Goney under arrest, and he was transported to the Lake County Jail.

A drone is an aircraft, and after facing local charges, it is likely the suspect will also be facing federal felony charges.  The Federal Aviation Administration has said that shooting down a drone is illegal under the same federal aviation laws that make it illegal to shoot down a crewed aircraft.


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