The Drone Professor

Note to Students: Correction to UGR course

It appears that there was one lecture missing from the Remote Pilot UGR course, in the Aeronautical Decision Making section (Section 5-B). If you purchased that class, please return to that section to pick up the additional training material before you take the exam.

PRI is now making appointments for the UGR exam, even though it does not appear on the FAA 107 page of their web site. If you are planning to take the test starting next week (Tuesday), contact PRI/CATS to make an appointment, at 844-704-1487. You may be on hold for 10 minutes or more at which time a recording will advise you to leave a name and number so that they can call you back to complete the appointment. Remember that EAA and AOPA members get a $10 discount from th3 $150 fee.