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PSI Practice Exams for UGR and UAG
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Practice exams for the FAA Part 107 drone certification (UAG) and recurrent exams are now available online from the FAA testing service, PSI.. The UAG practice test contains 40 questions and the allotted timed test is 1.5 hours. The UGR practice test contains 24 questions and the allotted timed test is 1.25 hours

Two facing federal prison after being accused of flying drones in areas under TFR for the Super Bowl.
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Kevin Jonathan Canty, 33, of West Palm Beach was charged with violating national defense airspace. And Henry Alejandro Jimenez, 33, of Orlando was separately charged with violating national defense airspace as well. The charges were filed by U.S. Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez of the U.S. Middle District Court in Tampa. Pilots and drone operators who

FAA Revised Advisory Circular 107-2A
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The FAA has updated and revised AC_107-2A. The updated document provides guidance for conducting small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations in the National Airspace System (NAS) in accordance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 107. Changes from the previous version includes reference to Remote Identification: 5.17 Remote Identification of