Tips for Drone Operations Near Air/Heliports In Class G Airspace

By John Reinhardt, FAA UAS Test Sites Program Manager

One of my favorite travel spots is the island of Culebra, a municipality of Puerto Rico. The island has many great locations for videography including its crown jewel, Flamenco Beach — rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world. I recently traveled to Culebra and brought my DJI Mavic Mini drone to take videos of the island’s beauty. Allow me to share some of the risk mitigation strategies (RMS) I used to fly while operating near an airport and heliport in uncontrolled airspace. Flight safety is paramount no matter where you are — in a busy city or in paradise. Read more here

John Reinhardt is a program manager in the UAS Integration Office’s Operational Program Branch. He currently manages the FAA’s UAS Test Sites Program.