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Santa Monica AIRMAP offices destroyed by arson fire during California riots.
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@GregoryMcNeal “I went to the @AirMapIO offices this morning to see things firsthand after looters in Santa Monica set fire to the building yesterday. A lot of memories within those walls.” Gilbert Mena, Director Of Engineering at AirMap, said in a tweet that AirMap operations are not impacted. Photos of the scene show charred desks,

New Update/Revision to the FAA §107 UAG Study Guide
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A new, updated and revised edition of my FAA drone test study guide is now available at The new format is larger (8 x 10 instead of 6 x 9) which is more appropriate for a textbook, and it’s at a new lower price – Just $17.95.  The revised edition on Barns & Noble

“Help! My Drone License Expired!”
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“My drone License expired and I can’t take the renewal test!” A student, Michael, called concerned that his §107 UAG license was past expiration, and because of the CORVID-19 he couldn’t take the recurrent exam. He was worried that he would have to take the original exam all over again. First, any FAA license does