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What is Wrong with DJI? Again?
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DJI has made what appears to be a strange move. The DJI  dealers had the better reputation for service (Atlanta Hobby) while the company itself had a failing service rating. .DJI recently basically screwed all their dealers by cancelling US dealerships and going to direct online marketing. I truly do not know what DJI is

Knowledge test provider PSI temporarily closes centers
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PSI, the FAA knowledge testing provider, is temporarily closing testing centers that it owns and operates in the US and the UK. The closures come in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. This closure only applies to PSI-owned and operated locations. Some PSI locations are operated by third parties. Check with your local testing center

Response to the Drone NPRM
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When the bar is raised to high, the common response is to walk under it. Case in point, the 333 exemption that required a sport or higher pilot license for commercial operation of a UAS. An operator wishing to comply was faced with the time and expense of pilot training for an aircraft he would