UAS Applications for Public Safety

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UAS Applications for Public Safety

More than 900 American public safety agencies use drones to improve officer safety, support tactical actions, reconstruct traffic collisions, support public safety at large events and perform search-and-rescue missions. At least 130 people around the world have been rescued from peril by drones, proving their value in life-or-death situations.(Source: sUASnews)

This course will present an overview of potential applications for UAS for Public Safety.

After completing this training, the student will be more aware, of the possibilities, where UAVs, can provide the means, for law enforcement and emergency services, to do their job better, faster and safer. We hope that you will come away with some things you had not considered.

  • What are the impacts, of public perceptions about drone use by government agencies?
  • What are the potential applications, and uses for drones, for public agencies?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s, of implementing a drone program?
  • What criteria are used in the selection of a UAS for public service purposes
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