UAS Mission Planning

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Planning Drone Missions Drone UAV UAS FAA

The objective of this course is to provide a summary of the procedures and considerations in planning a UAV mission.

We will include a discussion of operations under a public COA or Waiver as well as under Part §107.  This course will review a number of useful mobile apps, the “LANCE” (or LAANC) authorization system, accident reporting, evaluating a flight location, awareness of hazards, visual observer functions, the function of aeronautical charts, NOTAMs, TFR’s and TRA reports, and weather information.  Along the way, I’ll include a couple of useful tips to make it more interesting.

Every effort has been made to provide current information but the world of drone aviation is constantly changing and for that reason, these courses are updated and revised as situations warrant.

This course is divided into five sections:

Introduction and Rules
Getting Approvals
Mission Preparations
A Mission Planning Exercies
The Launch Team

  • The topics to be covered in this course include:
  • Apps and Online Resources
  • Location Identification (coordinates, address)
  • COA and Permissions (the Letter if Authorization and filing a Flight Plan)
  • Wind and Weather Conditions
  • On-site location Calibration
  • Satellite Access and GPS Basics
  • GPS vs. Manual (ATTI) Control
  • LOC – Loss of Control Procedures (also called “C2 loss”)
  • Go/No-Go Decision Making
  • Crew Resources and Management
  • Accident Reporting
  • NOTAMS, TFR’s and TRA’s
  • Privacy concerns
  • Mission-Planning Practice

There is a final quiz for this course. Please download this chart file before starting the exam for this course: 06 Quiz Charts

Section 1UAS Mission Planning
Lecture 1Introduction and Rules
Lecture 2Approvals
Lecture 3Mission Preparations
Lecture 4Mission Planning Exercise
Lecture 5The Launch Team
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