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TRAINING COURSESYLLABUS (Marketing/Accreditation)
-- NO PRINT --
00 Introduction and History of Drones00 Syllabus History of Drones(No Exam)
01 Understanding LAANC01- Syllabus LAANC(No Exam)
02 UAS BLOS Operation and Remote ID at
03 UAS Weather and Low Altitude Operations(TBA)(TBA)
04 UAS Safety Operations04 Safety Operations04-Safety Ops Exam
05 Florida's Security from Surveillance (934.50) Act05-Syllabus Florida 934_5005-UAS Implications of 934_50 Exam
06 UAS Mission Planning06 - UAS Mission PlanningFAA FRAT Form
06 Operations Quiz with Charts

07 UAS Aircraft Maintenance(TBA) 07 UAS Aircraft Maintenance Exam
08 UAS Flight Instruction08-Basic UAS Flight Training 08 UAS Basic Flight Training Exam
09 UAS Public Safety Operations09-UAS PublicSafetyApplications(No Exam)
10 COA Application Process and Preparation10-COA Application Prep Syllabus10-UAS_COA_Exam

COA Access Request
11 LEO Response to Drone Complaints11-UAS LEO Response to Complaints Exam (REVISED)

12 RPC Part 107 Test Preparation12 - Part 107 RPC Exam Prep SyllabusAirport Quick Reference Guide

METAR decode Chart

METAR Graphic

12-UAG_107_Exam A

12-UAG_107_Exam Color Charts

Night Operations booklet


13 UAS Recurrent Test Preparation13-UGR Recurrent Exam PreparationExam Charts - Color - 2 sides
13 RRPC exam
14 VR 360 for PSA Training Applications14- Syllabus 360 VR in Public Safety Training Applications14-360VR Exam
15 COA Training Standards(TBA)(TBA)
16 UAS Night Operations16-Syllabus UAS Night Operations16-UAS Night Operations Quiz

Night Operations booklet
17 UAS Remote ID (TBA) (TBA)

Facility requirements:

Computer: Presenter prefers to use his own computer (laptop) and software (PowerPoint)
Video Input: Connection HDMI
Screen: Projection or large television screen
Sound: 1/8″ stereo phone jack or sound through HDMI connection
Other: Podium for placement of laptop with power connection
Large rooms (40 or more): A microphone or input for the presenter’s wireless mic.